Yes, you read that right. ELSS mutual funds are not only helpful in generating higher returns but are also helpful in saving taxes. Even the Long term capital gains that are realized from ELSS mutual funds a total of 10% taxes are imposed if the total capital gain is more than Rs 1 lakhs in the said year of withdrawal. What’s even better is that no capital gain tax is imposed if the total profit is lesser than Rs 1 lakh in a financial year.

Although most of these freelancers know how to make money off of these videos or blogs, they are not aware of the tax implications that follow. So in order to understand the tax implications it is important that the concept of earning through these Vlogs and Blogs is understood first and foremost.


There is hardly anyone who is not affected by this system and this is why it is necessary for all to understand and gain knowledge about GST and its provisions such as refunds etc. As a taxpayer you should be conversant whether you can claim refunds under the GST law or not.