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This form is used by an Advocate for filing the document in pending cases. It may be filled by the plaintiff or defendant in order to file the document to support their case. The document shown are always attached with it. It is just the index of document which shows that such document is attached with the list. It contains name of the court, case title, concerned section, nature of the case, date of presentation, serial No. , particulars of documents and date, supporting effect of the document, if attached with the file then what is the No. of the same if it is returned to them, name of the advocate to whom it has been returned, remarks. It must be signed by the advocate concerned.

Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (CPC) Order 7
Documents Relied On In Plaint

[14. Production of document on which plaintiff sues. – (1) Where a plaintiff sues upon a document in his possession or power, he shall produce it in Court when the plaint is presented, and shall at the same time deliver the document or a copy thereof to be filed with the plaint.
(2) Where any such document is not in the possession or power of the plaintiff, he shall, where possible, state in whose possession or power it is.]
[(3) A document which ought to be produced in Court by the plaintiff when the plaint is presented, or to be entered in the list to be added or annexed to the plaint but is not produced or entered accordingly, shall not, without the leave of the Court, be received in evidence on his behalf at the hearing of the suit.]
[(4) Nothing in this rule shall apply to document produced for the cross-examination of the plaintiff’s witnesses, or, handed over to a witness merely to refresh his memory.]

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List of Documents Civil Suit (336 downloads)

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Civil Procedure Code, 1908 (CPC)